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Hi, my name is Avery and all these themes are made by me using a base code that outlasting publically posted. Don't remove the credit on the index page, click "Terms" for the theme faq and my themes are optimized for google chrome. This blog follows back. Like the theme post if you're using, planning or randomly.
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51 using / Posted 4 months ago
March 2 at 4:55 PM
- Theme 10 -
Preview // Code (Don’t remove the creds k)
This theme includes:
- 2 columns (unfortunately there was not enough space for 3)
- Quote topbar
- Lace border besides the posts
- Bars
- Cool permas
- Cool sidebar hover effect
- Description on hover
- Updates pop up
- An extra link
- A rounded photo when you hover the sidebar
- Stats area
The circle links idea was from pen-quins.

The links were from my super old theme too, idea from sleeping-stfu.
Ask me if you’re gonna steal a div tag, or try to not.
And yes, after a long intermission I finally released a theme, because I went on a hiatus.
This was my old theme for a long period of time and finally I did a commitment to post this.
Like this post if you’re using this theme, planning or randomly!
If you’re a ‘theme editor/maker’

it’s ok to steal codes from me, but please have the valor to ask for permisson. so if you’re gonna steal bits coding from me, ask and leave credit. 

Not that you will but ask thanks for reading.

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73 using / Posted 6 months ago
January 13 at 8:47 PM
theme #9 by avery
Preview / Code
it’s a memorial/notebook theme
features a flip sidebar, cute asks + permalinks and super cool photostrip
bars inspired by mkbye
description idea from pen-quins
inspired by 5paghetti, qualiticious and datinqmailk’s theme
keep the creds on the index page.
like the theme post if you’re using, thinking or randomly
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21 using / Posted 6 months ago
January 1 at 9:12 PM
☠ Theme eight by Avery! ☠
it’s more like a 50% personal quality theme but any blog type can use it (:
hover the photo for desc
2 column
updates/stats on the bottom right
cool permalinks
tooltips (hover messages)
mini cursor
sidebar inspired by qelato and awkward-pengu1n
updates/stats idea from cookinq.
optimized for google chrome
keep the credit on the bottom left.
like this post if you’re using, you’re planning or random…
Happy new year btw!
Preview // Code
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50 using / Posted 7 months ago
December 24 at 2:49 PM
❄ theme seven By Avery! ❄
Winter theme, since it’s christmas eve and it has started snowing where I live (chicago), I decided to create this theme ~
scaling sidebar effect
sidebar photo script
2 short polaroid photos (sidebar)
desc photo
idk :P
this is the theme, I promised to post
keep the blogtitle, just one word, don’t exaggerate lol
it looks weird cause i’m using safari (google chrome is not working atm), it’s 100% different to chrome so i’d suggest you use google chrome when you use this theme..
credits are here
like this post if you’re using, you’re planning or you like it/random.
Preview | Code
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25 using / Posted 7 months ago
December 15 at 6:59 AM
❄ theme six by Avery! ❄
I posted theme six but different, and now this is replacing it
if you’re using the old theme six, please remove it.
keep credit; fabhmu on the top right
Features (what does this theme include):
cool sidebar hover effect
typing quote
detailed permalinks (wifiomq’s idea)
hover the gif for desc
3 extra photos when you hover the sidebar
extra quote on the sidebar
credit to mkbye (Celina) for the ask posts (:
Preview | Code
❄ like this post if you’re using/planning to or I might inbox you.. ❄
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45 using / Posted 7 months ago
December 8 at 7:27 AM
Ask layout V2 ~
this ask layout was pretty much inspired by her
I took this layout into consideration because these days layouts were highly requested
credit to them for the hover ask box tutorial
I used outlasting’s public base code obviously.
hover for ask box
4 FAQ boxes
hover the image for information about yourself.
starting animations
scrollbar for each FAQ in case it’s too long
3 custom navigations
I don’t know what else.
How to install:
settings > customize
scroll down till you see Add Page
click on it
select standard layout on the top left
paste the code > update the preview > and you’re done!
Please keep the credit, I spent some hard time doing a few coding for you. You must have a basic knowledge of html to edit this, if you need help, just inbox me.
Please like this post if you’re using/thinking about this layout or randomly!
Preview | Code
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43 using / Posted 8 months ago
November 24 at 5:03 PM
Theme #3 by Avery/fabhmu ~
I created this theme using outlasting’s public base code and it took hours creating codes/figuring out new HTML for you.
Circular sidebar
Cool hover sidebar effect
Cute sidebar links
Roll/scale in permalinks.
Quote bar/topbar
Description image
3 extras photos when you hover the sidebar
Pop up updates & playlist.
The hover sidebar idea was from 5paghetti
This is a perfect background to put in & it will match.
Do not remove the “fabhmu” on the top right, please.
Preview // code
Like this post if you’re using or thinking, or maybe randomly.
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23 using / Posted 8 months ago
November 13 at 5:27 PM
ok finally, a lot requested a links layout and they wanted it similar to the ask. so here ya go ~
features/layout includes:
hover links
hover title
5 navigations
idk what else lmaaoo. I used outlasting’s base to create this. Please keep the credit, at first the links were not showing up so it took me a 3+ hour experiment trying to figure this out…
Preview // code
Please like or reblog this post if you’re using/thinking or maybe just plain~
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65 using / Posted 8 months ago
November 9 at 7:24 PM
this theme is based on fall and it’s theme 2~
I used mkbye’s base code to create this and I got permission.
Theme includes:
2 columns
hover sidebar
hover blogtitle (2)
sidebar script (refresh the sidebar -> a new image)
pop up announcements/playlist
cool permalinks
hover quotebar
hover description
sidebar gif
credit: mkbye (base code) - cookinq (some fonts) - mctwerkable (inspired me to make this theme)
Please like this post of you’re currently using/thinking or just plain.
Preview // code